Fix Hisense TV Problems With The Best How-to Guide

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Hisense produces some of the best Smart TVs available. You can easily find something that suits your viewing experience, ranging from Laser TVs to Premium ULED and UHD sets. Hisense TVs, like all Smart TVs, has a slew of issues that necessitate thorough troubleshooting to identify the source and resolve the issue quickly. For example, you may occasionally experience screen display issues or the backlight may fail. To find a solution, go through the recommended Hisense TV troubleshooting steps whenever you have a problem.

Knowing how to fix Hisense TV problems can help you save time and money on repairs that aren’t always required. While the steps may not always work for all Hisense TV models, here is a troubleshooting and how-to guide you can use to try to resolve some of the issues with your Hisense TV.

NOTE: Not all issues with your Hisense Smart TV are straightforward to resolve. Physical issues with your television, for example, may necessitate the assistance of a professional for quality repairs. Also, especially if the product is still under warranty, contact the Hisense customer service team first. However, if you are in a position to fix Hisense TV problems, you should do so as soon as you can within the warranty period. 

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Fix Hisense TV Problems By Resetting a Hisense Television

What is the procedure for Resetting a Hisense Television? Well, below you can find the resetting procedure on different Hisense Smart TV models.

H9E Hisense

Navigate to Menu> Settings>Storage and Reset> Factory Data Reset to factory reset the television. Any stored data will be erased, and all settings will be reset to factory defaults.

Navigate to Menu> Settings> About>Restart to perform a “power reset.” The TV will be turned off and on with a power reset.

Roku TV from Hisense

By going to Settings> System> Advanced system settings> Factory reset, you can reset the TV picture and audio. Make sure you understand what the reset operation does by reading the information on the screen. Press PLAY/PAUSE three times in a row to start the reset procedure.

To factory reset everything, go to Settings> System> Advanced system settings> Factory reset, and then select “Factory reset everything” from the drop-down menu. Make sure you understand what the reset operation does by reading the information on the screen. To complete the full factory reset, enter the code displayed on the screen using the on-screen number pad, then select OK to continue.

If you can’t get into the menus or factory reset your TV using the above method, you can use the steps below to force it to reset.

For models with a RESET button:

  1. Press and hold the recessed reset button on the TV connector panel with a ballpoint pen or another sharp-pointed object.
  2. Hold the reset button down for another 12 seconds. The status indicator turns dim after the reset cycle is completed.
  3. Press and hold the reset button. The television has been turned off.
  4. Your television has been reset. Turn on the television and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

For models without a RESET button, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the MUTE and POWER buttons on the TV’s control panel.
  2. Unplug the TV and then plug it back in while holding the MUTE and POWER buttons down.
  3. Release the buttons when you see the TV’s startup screen appear.
  4. The TV has been reset. Turn on the television to proceed with the guided setup. 

Fix Hisense Smart TV Problems – List of Common Issues with Solutions

If you are facing the issues with Hisense TV, then fix them immediately with the detailed steps below:

When Your Hisense TV Won’t Turn On, What Should You Do?

  • Check to see if the power cord is connected to a working AC outlet.
  • To activate the unit from “Standby” mode, press the power button on the remote control.
  • Make sure the LED light is turned on. If that’s the case, the TV is getting power.

Horizontal Lines on the Screen of Hisense TV

If you see horizontal or vertical lines on a picture, or if the picture shakes, it’s most likely due to interference from an electric tool or appliance near your TV.

Check if there is an interfering source nearby to solve the problem. If there is, turn it off and move it away from the television.

How to Repair a Hisense TV Screen That Is Flickering

It’s possible that interference is causing your Hisense TV screen to flicker. Check for any nearby appliances or electric tools that may be interfering with the signal. If this is the case, turn off the appliance(s) and move it away from the TV.

The Hisense TV is turned on, but there is no picture

If your TV is turned on but there is no picture or the picture is black and white, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • To activate the unit from “Standby” mode, press the power button on the remote control.
  • Make sure the color is set to a value of 50 or higher.
  • Experiment with different television channels.

Hisense TV turns on and then turns off without warning

It’s possible that your TV turns off right after you turn it on because Sleep is active. Sleep can program the TV to go into standby mode automatically.

Press the sleep button several times to select the proper sleeping clock mode, and the clock will tell you how much time is left before the TV goes into standby mode.

Flashing Black Screen on Hisense TV

If your TV’s screen is flashing black, it’s possible that the cable box, satellite box, coax cable, or HDMI cable isn’t working properly, or that it needs to be reset. If you’re sure the connections and cables are fine, try resetting your TV to see if the problem goes away. To troubleshoot Hisense tv picture problems and Hisense tv HDMI problems follow these steps:

To reset, follow these steps:

  • For 10 minutes, unplug the TV from the wall outlet, then press and hold the power button on the TV for 60 seconds.
  • Replace the plug and turn it on.

If this reset doesn’t work, follow these steps to perform a reset:

  • On the TV side panel, press and hold the “vol” (+) and “menu” buttons.
  • Continue to hold the button down while pressing and releasing the “power” button on the panel.
  • After 10 seconds, let go of the hold.

Final Thoughts

Troubleshooting a problem with your Hisense Smart TV is the best way to solve it. For example, most display issues on your Hisense Smart TV can be resolved by simply turning it off and on again. Another option is to adjust your device’s brightness, contrast, backlight, and color values to improve picture quality.

Some of these issues, however, can be caused by a hardware issue. In that case, you should contact Hisense Customer Support or hire someone to do it for you.

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